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Make Haste Farm

Make haste to the garden, make haste to the field, make haste to the kitchen, make haste to the meal...

Haste can be a good thing, especially if it means chasing flowers, fruits, and vegetables to catch them at their peak. Here at Make Haste Farm, our number one goal is providing you the opportunity to enjoy fresh food and flowers the way we do - straight out of the garden and into the kitchen. We pick our produce and clip our flowers each morning before opening the farm stand with the hope that it's on your table by dinner time.

On a farm and in the garden, nature sets the pace - we're just trying to keep up - so that you can too.

Sustainably Grown

Feed the soil or feed the plant? When we started Make Haste, we chose to take care of the soil, because we knew a healthy soil would be the foundation for everything we do here. We believe that growing food and flowers with compost, natural fertilizers,

and biological processes is the best way to find the flavors we're seeking -and preserve the long term health of the land. 

We're also trying to grow our farm sustainably by only selling what we can grow here and doing it ourselves. That means we're staying small and growing only as big as our standards will let us. It's a slower process this way, but hopefully one that will lead to a lasting endeavor that you can depend on for quality produce. 

We're continuing 

a long history of our family farming on this land, going back several generations.

Make Haste may be new, but we're building on all the work that was put in before us - and thankful for the knowledge being passed down now as we progress. The farming techniques and the crops being offered have changed, but the spirit of growing things here has not. We know that everything we harvest is a blessing and we're eager to share that with you. 

We're a small farm with big dreams - and we're looking forward to the future. Come see us at the farm stand and if we've done our job right, tell your friends and neighbors so we can meet them too.

 Things can change quickly on a farm. Stay connected to receive updates about schedule changes and produce availability.

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